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here's a bit about me:

With a long-held passion for literature and the writing process, I earned my B.A. with majors in both English and Communication Studies. I currently volunteer with Brink Literacy Project as a junior editor for their literary magazine, F(r)iction. I also contribute as a staff writer and web editor for F(r)iction Log, Brink's literary blog.


As a former writing consultant, I helped students hone their writing abilities from brainstorming to revision. In my time as a bookseller, I stayed informed on literary trends to recommend and promote books to customers. I also completed a publicity apprenticeship, where I promoted a variety of clients through press releases, pitches, and social media content.


I hope to apply my editorial, consulting, marketing, and sales experience to an editorial position in the publishing industry, where I will maintain my commitment to championing diverse voices and increasing representation in the literary community.

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